So what is ArtHalo?

ArtHalo is a not for profit organisation who’s primary vision is to make high quality arts available to all. We reach out to and engage with those individuals and groups who are the most vulnerable in our society who may not have had the chance to or been under supported in channeling desired creative expression. Through positive high quality visual art intervention our aim is to enrich the lives of those people, be a voice for them, support every individual to develop the skills they need to fulfil that most basic human desire to create and continue to ensure that desire is fulfilled and supported to its full potential

Our 5 pledges are:

1. Inclusion – To be inclusive to all and exclusive to none. No matter what challenges we face if an individual wants to channel expression through visual arts will find find a way to make it happen.

2. Voice – to be a voice for those who cannot be one for themselves and want to engage with visual arts. Making sure all individuals needs are met and respected

3. Person centred – to treat everyone as an individual and find the perfect channel of expression for every person.

4. Choice – to let people choose whatever form of visual expression they want no matter how diverse and support thier aspirations to fulfil their full creative potential.

5. Research – to constantly help with and provide research in which vulnerable groups and individuals interact with visual Arts and how engagement effects peoples life’s. To make our findings accessible so to make the future of visual arts engagement better represented to vulnerable groups in the future.

Meet the Team


Kevin Zuchowski-Morrision

CEO RISEgallery

Founder of ArtHalo

Wayne Crossland

Painter and writer

Editor of

Kerri Wyatt

Course Tutor

Course tutor

Mel Stabin

Creative Practitioner

Watercolorist and writer

Eleanor Toner

Creative Practitioner

Creative practitioner

Charlie Henson

Creative Practitioner

Creative practitioner